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Here is what you can expect from the Mommy Meltdown Cure, lesson by lesson:

Think parenting is hard?
Here is how 
the Mommy Meltdown Cure will shift and change your life:

Lesson 1
Parenting is hard when you are overwhelmed with worry, fear, doubt and insecurities.

I will teach you how powerful you truly are and show you how to be the master of your own mind by choosing thoughts that empower you, not hold you back. “Loved it! I really loved the examples and activity of shifts of thought. Never realized how easy it is to just shift a thought!”

Lesson 2
Parenting is hard when you don’t LOVE or TRUST yourself.

I will help you get past issues of worth and guilt and show you a way for you to truly see yourself with love and compassion. What moms said: “Accepting my shadow and releasing it was so powerful for me. Thank you for providing a safe place for me to let it go. I don’t think I could’ve if not for you and the MMC. Thank you so much for your support and inspiring words. Your encouragement literally gave me the courage to speak up and take action to remedy the situation caused by my shadow with immediate results!”

Lesson 3
Parenting is hard when every irrational emotion your child experiences unhinges you from your center and sends you into your own mommy meltdown.

I will teach you a powerful way to stay centered and calm even in the most stressful scenarios. What moms said: “This is a powerful lesson and yet a very simple concept, and for me one of the core aspects of the course.”

Lesson 4
Parenting is hard when distraction is habitual and true presence (with your children) is rare.

I will teach you a powerful and simple technique to help FREE you from reacting to every emotional impulse and tap into the present moment. What moms said: “This is one of my favorite lessons. Never considered how powerful it is to not engage with every single situation with my kids. That has really saved my sanity.”

Lesson 5
Parenting is hard when you don’t trust your intuition.

I will teach you a way to hear your intuitive voice and show you how you always have the answers you need within you, for every challenge you may face.
What moms said“I love that intuition is celebrated in the MMC. Looking back on my life, I can see that when I followed my intuition, joy was mine. Identifying what my intuition feels like for me gave me clarity on defining it. Trusting my intuition gives me peace and reassurance that I know where to go and what to do!”

Lesson 6
Parenting is hard when it becomes about power struggles, manipulation and conditional love.

I will mirror to you the true power you possess when you shift seeing your children as something to deal with and into seeing and relating to them, no matter what the circumstance, from a deep conscious state of love. What moms said“One of my favs! I really enjoyed journaling about my kids. Couldn’t believe the loving feelings that arose!”

Lesson 7
Parenting is hard when you have lost your leadership and the control of the household seems to be in the hands of your children.

I will teach you about the single most important tool in owning the role of Masterful Mother and how this simple shift in perspective will influence your children in powerfully positive ways. What moms said:“This was a great lesson. I never thoughts about myself as a leader before — but duh — I so am. Thinking of myself this way really empowered me to want to do better for myself, my kids, and my family.”

Lesson 8
Parenting is hard when you are just “winging it” and have no clear vision of the most ideal version of YOU as a mother but compare yourself regularly with every other mother you know.

In this final lesson I will help you craft a unique and inspirational vision for yourself as a mother that will draw you into a joyful future!  What moms said:“This lesson felt like a revelation to me – to realize I could even craft a vision of who I could be was so powerful! Also, accessing the wisdom from my future self instilled within me a confidence and pride in my own ability to find the solutions I need. My future self’s advice was to “stop all the worrying and just LIVE!”

By teaching you the power of parenting from LOVE, this program is designed to get you back in touch with your own personal power so that you can bring more compassion, presence, understanding, strength, clarity and optimism into YOUR family dynamics.