Mama! To truly delight in the journey of motherhood and succeed as a mom, you must step out of your head and start parenting from your HEART!

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Hi! Sigrid, The Joyful Mother here! When I surveyed over 100 moms earlier this year and asked them "If you do struggle with connecting with your children in a loving and powerful ways, what do you think is standing in the way of this?", these are the responses I got:

50% said "I am so preoccupied with my own problems or with what is negative that it is hard to focus on love"

44% said "I don't feel very loving to myself actually"

39% said "My parents did not show love and connection well and so I never really learned how"

When I then asked them if they would like to learn ways to bring more love into the dynamics of your family. Learning to love yourself and your children from a deeper place, 90% of said YES.

Scared baby against crazy motherYou know what?  I get it, I know that parenting feels hard for you right now. Parents today are overwhelmed, stressed and pushed to the limit. You may be one of them, you probably are if you are still reading this! So many moms are confused and we hate to admit to ourselves and others that we don't know what we are doing!

From this frazzled place, you end up fighting for control in our families and rely on conditional paramaters in order for your children to listen, to obey us. In order to maintain our authority, you yell, you play the reward/punish game, you label - all of which withholds connection and love for your children until you get what you want.

It's not your fault! This is what parenting experts are telling us to do!

Jo Frost of “Supernanny,” in her book of the same name, says, “The best rewards are attention, praise and love,” and these should be withheld “when the child behaves badly until she says she is sorry,” at which point the love is turned back on.

But does it all work?

Do you feel successful as a parent or are you still left feeling guilty, exhausted, wildly mediocre and severed from love at the end of the day?

You see, conditional parenting may diffuse stress in the moment and actually work in the short term but we are hurting our children in the long term. It can lead to confusion, emotional insecurities and distance between parents and children.

I know you are doing the best you can do. I have been there too! But my journey as a mother and a coach has taken me out of what doesn't work and into what does. I want to show you how you can almost magically, and without manipulation, impact your child's behavior, inspire the best in them and create the harmonious and joyful home you so crave by tapping into a kind of love that transcends the physical, transcends the personal and takes you to the deepest form of love and wisdom possible between you and your child.

LOVEEXPANDSThis method has been crafted by me from my journey as a mother and successfully tested on moms just like you. It has the potential to change your life and the lives of your family and give you back all the power you are missing as a parent and MORE JOY than you know what to do with.

Remember those moms I surveyed about love and the 90% of them that craved to find ways to create a deeper, more loving relationship with their children and with themselves?

Don't we all understand that it is LOVE that will transform our lives? Do you understand this?

Powerful Proof A recent study called the Harvard Grant Study documented through their 75 year longitudinal journey, the secret to true joy.  What did they find? Well, they saw that love is all that really matters, that we can become happier, that connection is crucial and that challenges, with a shift in perspective, can actually make you happier.

I want to teach you how to make all of this possible in your life! Because this kind of transpersonal, unconditional love not only makes YOU feel good, it feeds your child's soul and inspires RIGHT action. It literally hands you all you need to parent from your BEST self. How? It shows you that your BEST self is ALREADY inside of you!!

Your life may feel imbalanced, out of control, stressed to the max and even miserable. But it only takes ONE SHIFT in perspective to begin to change all of that. A shift into unconditional LOVE!

It has been just over a year now since I launched the MMC (Mommy Meltdown Cure) program for the first time and have been honored to be able witness profound shifts in the lives of these amazing women and their families. Shifts that seem to last. 99% of the moms that have gone through the course STILL use the powerful tools a year later and say the lessons they learned changed the way they parent permanently! Throughout this page you can read what a few of these moms experienced first hand.

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“For years I have struggled with my drive for perfection to the detriment of my children. There was no joy in my home. Then I found the Mommy Meltdown Cure and for the first time I could see that being a perfect parent meant parenting from my heart. This new perspective that has made a huge impact in my entire families lives. I now stop and play with my kids and I realize that mess equals fun and noises equals joy. I am able to ground myself and be present to see the what my children really need. I am much more calmer since working with Sigrid and I now feel a great sense of joy being a mother."
Wanda, USA

Think parenting is hard?
Here is how 
the Mommy Meltdown Cure will shift and change your life:

Lesson 1
Parenting is hard when you are overwhelmed with worry, fear, doubt and insecurities.

I will teach you how powerful you truly are and show you how to be the master of your own mind by choosing thoughts that empower you, not hold you back. "Loved it! I really loved the examples and activity of shifts of thought. Never realized how easy it is to just shift a thought!"

Lesson 2
Parenting is hard when you don't LOVE or TRUST yourself.

I will help you get past issues of worth and guilt and show you a way for you to truly see yourself with love and compassion. "Accepting my shadow and releasing it was so powerful for me. Thank you for providing a safe place for me to let it go. I don't think I could've if not for you and the MMC. Thank you so much for your support and inspiring words. Your encouragement literally gave me the courage to speak up and take action to remedy the situation caused by my shadow with immediate results!"

Lesson 3
Parenting is hard when every irrational emotion your child experiences unhinges you from your center and sends you into your own mommy meltdown.

I will teach you a powerful way to stay centered and calm even in the most stressful scenarios. "This is a powerful lesson and yet a very simple concept, and for me one of the core aspects of the course."

Lesson 4
Parenting is hard when distraction is habitual and true presence (with your children) is rare.

I will teach you a powerful and simple technique to help FREE you from reacting to every emotional impulse and tap into the present moment. "This is one of my favorite lessons. Never considered how powerful it is to not engage with every single situation with my kids. That has really saved my sanity."

Lesson 5
Parenting is hard when you don't trust your intuition.

I will teach you a way to hear your intuitive voice and show you how you always have the answers you need within you, for every challenge you may face. "I love that intuition is celebrated in the MMC. Looking back on my life, I can see that when I followed my intuition, joy was mine. Identifying what my intuition feels like for me gave me clarity on defining it. Trusting my intuition gives me peace and reassurance that I know where to go and what to do!"

Lesson 6
Parenting is hard when it becomes about power struggles, manipulation and conditional love.

I will mirror to you the true power you possess when you shift seeing your children as something to deal with and into seeing and relating to them, no matter what the circumstance, from a deep conscious state of love. "One of my favs! I really enjoyed journaling about my kids. Couldn't believe the loving feelings that arose!"

Lesson 7
Parenting is hard when you have lost your leadership and the control of the household seems to be in the hands of your children.

I will teach you about the single most important tool in owning the role of Masterful Mother and how this simple shift in perspective will influence your children in powerfully positive ways. "This was a great lesson. I never thoughts about myself as a leader before -- but duh -- I so am. Thinking of myself this way really empowered me to want to do better for myself, my kids, and my family."

Lesson 8
Parenting is hard when you are just "winging it" and have no clear vision of the most ideal version of YOU as a mother but compare yourself regularly with every other mother you know.

In this final lesson I will help you craft a unique and inspirational vision for yourself as a mother that will draw you into a joyful future!  "This lesson felt like a revelation to me - to realize I could even craft a vision of who I could be was so powerful! Also, accessing the wisdom from my future self instilled within me a confidence and pride in my own ability to find the solutions I need. My future self's advice was to "stop all the worrying and just LIVE!"

By teaching you the power of parenting from LOVE, this program is designed to get you back in touch with your own personal power so that you can bring more compassion, presence, understanding, strength, clarity and optimism into YOUR family dynamics.

Each lesson is inspirational and practical. It is a passion for me to make self development for moms EASY to understand and to integrate into their lives. This is why I have crafted each lesson to include a process or a tool that will not take longer than SIX MINUTES A DAY to practice and see your life improve as a result. Easy and powerful. Isn't that fantastic!?!


“I needed something to nudge me in the right direction and give me momentum to get myself out of my pity party so I could "be the change I wanted to see".  After the MMC, as a person and a mom, I feel like I just have more patience, clarity and capacity to love and share love.  I have gotten from this class what I had hoped for and more - my priorities are becoming aligned and I have found direction where I was lost and feeling hopeless. Thank you Sigrid!”
Shannon, USA

Your PERSONAL POWER TOOLBOX will include the following:

  • video lessons (with pdf and audio options)
  • Weekly inspirational action plans
  • Access to a private community and forum set up especially for the participants of the program with online access to me
  • BONUS 1: Access to Master Energy Healer and Author Carol Tuttle's best selling book (ebook + audio) The Child Whisperer, plus other amazing gifts from Carol!
  • BONUS 2: Access to a powerful interview with myself and Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of the best selling book, The Conscious Parent.

You see, I was JUST where you are now. I struggled with my own inner angst, feelings of frustration, doubt, worry, fear and all of that impacted how I was showing up with my kids. I was parenting from the hip - unconscious about my actions and thinking that parenting was about maintaining control at all cost. It severed me from connection with my children. It wasn't until I realized how truly powerful parenting from LOVE really was. It made me happier, more intuitive and smarter as a parent and and magically impacted my children in ways that were truly phenomenal.

This course is about TWO THINGS:

Helping you recognize and begin utilizing the immense power (LOVE) within you and then projecting that power into your family dynamics and seeing massive and magical immediate shifts.

“Joining Sigrid on the MMC was one of the best things I have done for myself as a mother (and a person), and my family.  At the start of the programme I wrote down the big things that bothered me about my parenting - being quick to get angry, focusing on the logistics of parenting rather than the joy, not feeling proud of myself as a mother, and my fear that my days of parenting were passing in a blur.  With Sigrid's help, and with the very first task, I realized that there is already a fabulous mother inside me.  Sigrid gave me some very practical tasks and daily tools which have allowed that mother to be the one that shows up and I am very proud of myself! ”
Eileen, Brazil

So what were my secrets? How did I go from overwhelmed and frustrated to joyfully calm and in control of my life? In this 8 week online coaching program, I’ll give you the practical tools you need to take control of your life and be HAPPIER. And all it takes is just SIX MINUTES A DAY!

I have crafted the Mommy Meltdown Cure to provide you with your very own PERSONAL POWER TOOLBOX that will be your recipe, your guide, your resource in your transformation into a truly JOYFUL MOTHER!  If it worked for me, it can work for you...

It happened in an instant…a sudden and profound clarity where I just knew that all the solutions to every challenge I had or will ever have resided within me, not outside of me…I knew I had the power to change my life. The willingness to change can transform our lives and our relationships.
The Joyful Mother

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“Since starting the MMC program with Sigrid my whole perspective on mothering has dramatically changed.  The demands of mothering were taking over my identity and sucking out every last bit of joy.  In my short time with Sigrid, I have discovered that I didn’t want to be “that mother” anymore. I have found a new way to be with my children on a whole new level, a very conscious level. My children are so easy to enjoy now and they respond much more positively to me.  Thank you Sigrid for giving me the joy back that my family was longing for.”
Heather, Canada

P.S. If you look around you right now and think that every other mom has it together except you, think again. During a recent survey I did, 90% of those asked said that the biggest thing that took them away from a happy state of mind either at home or at work was negative thoughts, worries and fears. And when asked how a happier, more 'empowered you' would make them a better mother? 75% said that they would be more patient and less cranky and irritable.